Have you tried out Mobile Lync yet?

Microsoft has released brand new clients for every major mobile platform – iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, even the iPad. Twitter’s abuzz over the new clients.

All of the clients will work with both on-premises Lync Server or Office 365’s Lync Online. (However, some features are not available to Lync Online users.)

Let’s go through what’s available, shall we?

Lync for iPhone

Download Lync for iPhone at the iTunes App Store.
What it does: Presence, IM, Email Contacts, Enterprise Voice Calls, Voicemail, Dial-Out Conferencing, Call Forwarding.
The iPhone client is surprisingly comprehensive. It even has capabilities (Enterprise Voice Calls) the Android client doesn’t right now. Microsoft really pushed to make the iOS client as complete a duplicate of Lync 2010 (desktop) as possible.

Lync for iPad

Download Lync for iPad at the iTunes App Store.
What it does: Presence, IM, Email Contacts, Enterprise Voice Calls, Voicemail, Dial-Out Conferencing, Call Forwarding.
Virtually identical to the iPhone client (adjusted for iPad screens of course). However, the reviews for this version gave it a slightly lower rating the iPhone client. One reviewer noted that push notifications didn’t work for her.

Lync for Android

Download Lync for Android at the Android Market.
What it does: Presence, IM, Email Contacts, Voicemail, Dial-Out Conferencing, Call Forwarding.
The Android client is a fairly basic mobile app. Some features are not supported yet (VoIP, video). Right now it appears to function best as a connector between the phone’s capabilities and Lync Server.

Also, note: Lync for Android runs in the background, all the time. Push notifications aren’t necessary. Something to keep in mind for Android users!

Lync for Windows Phone 7Lync for Windows Phone 7

Download Lync for Windows Phone from the Windows Phone Marketplace.
What it does: Presence, IM, Enterprise Voice Calls, Conferencing, Call Forwarding.
Of all the clients, this one looks the sharpest to me. Look at this screenshot. Slick, isn’t it? Almost a step up from the Lync 2010 interface.

Appearances aside, the Windows Phone client packs in every feature the iOS clients have. Several more than Android, like taking delegate calls & using Call via Work.

However, one thing is missing: access to Lync voicemail. I’m honestly not sure why Microsoft didn’t include this. The system has the same base from server (Lync Server) to hardware platform (Windows Phone). What prevented voicemail?

What’s Missing in Mobile Lync (For Now)

Please note: According to the Microsoft Lync Mobile Client Comparison Tables, NONE of the mobile clients can do the following.

  • Automatically log IM conversations in Exchange
  • Manage delegates
  • View video in meetings
  • Conduct two- or more-party calls with external users
  • Share desktop or use presentation tools

Looks like we’ll have to wait until V2 for these features.

What’s your experience with a Lync mobile client? Is there something you’d want to see added?

The 411 on Lync Mobile Clients

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